Common Troubleshooting Issues Experienced by IT Technicians

If any point in your life, you’ve experienced an inexplicable computer error or failure; you may have to figure the problem out via the process of ‘troubleshooting’. If you are considering training as an I.T technician, such as the A+ certification, or even just sick of failing to fix your computer, it is vital you learn the common problems that affect a computer’s functioning.

One of the most common errors is a ‘stop’ error or infamously known as the blue screen of death (BSOD). Apparently this problem can be hard to solve by turning the computer on and off and can usually only be resolved by viewing the stop code in order to understand what the problem exactly is. Stop codes identify a specific problem; hence each code (each has different number and letters) represents a particular error.

Stop codes can be found on the blue screen of death, however, since Windows’ systems restart after an error occurs, it can be somewhat troublesome to read the code. To overcome this, you will have to disable Windows’ automatic restart. Then, finally, you can read the code and begin to comprehend the problem.

Common codes include the STOP 0×00000002, which may be followed by the error ‘device_queue_not_busy’. The most likely cause for most codes is an error with hardware or device drivers, which are generally, resolved using a few simple steps.

First of all, reboot the computer as the blue screen of death may just vanish as if it never existed. The stop error can be a temporary issue due to unknown errors within the system. If this fails, next you need to troubleshoot.

With this sort of problem, you have to ask yourself what it may have been caused by – could it be new a new program? New hardware? Updates? If there has been recent activity or changes, simply undo it and test for the stop error. To undo the problem, you can use system restore, reverse any updates on driver devices, and starting up with last known good configuration, which will undo registry and driver changes. Which method you choose will depend on the problem. It may be also be caused by out of date driver issues, so updating them may in fact solve the issue.

If still no solution, check that there is still enough space on your system partition, which holds Windows. Lack of memory can apparently cause stop errors. Check also that your computer is virus free, as some particularly nasty viruses can contaminate the boot master and the boot area.

One other cause could be loose or not properly installed components. You will need to check that everything is correctly installed and may have to reseat components, and then complete another BSOD check. Next performing diagnostics on all testable hardware will eradicate some hardware causes or even find the root cause. If your system fails the test, the hardware or memory may need replacing.

If the previous test has no fruitful results, start your computer with the minimum system running requirements. If no stop error screen appears, it’s likely to be one of the other programs.

Troubleshooting can be a lengthy process and can take awhile to solve what may be a small problem. Troubleshooting is a vital part of I.T training in I.T technician certifications, such as the A+ certification.

Hardware For Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important places in the home to organise and decorate because it must be fully functional, easy to clean, and for most home owners, nice to look at. Fortunately, there is a host of bathroom accessories to help you achieve the look that you would like for your bathroom, and most of the time these items can be purchased at a low cost.

The most common types of bathroom hardware include towel racks, holders for bathroom tissue, and shower curtain rods. Dependent on the style, these items vary massively; something like a tissue holder that stands alone gives you the chance to have a rustic feel to the bathroom with intricate grid designs or curly motifs. And the finish of a shower curtain rod can largely depend on the tone and texture of the fabric it holds. There is a distinct style that your bathroom can get through your top fixtures so be sure to consider if chrome, bronze or gold is best along with whether you need a finish that is textured or smooth. Get an ethereal experience through bathing by using a waterfall shower head.

There are also things sold as sets when designing bathrooms, so consider how you want soap dishes and toothbrush holders to look. If you are in the process of building a new home and you are fortunate enough to have input concerning what features you want the bathrooms to have, you can even have these items built into the cabinets or counter tops.

Lighting also plays an important role in bathroom decor. While we don’t want a harsh glow, you can get an increase in lighting through vanity fixtures. Mix them with ceiling lights made of chrome or bronze come, which can make your bathroom hardware look custom-made.

When you have made all of the major hardware decisions for your bathroom and are ready to add the final touches, consider decorative towel rings to pull the entire look together and sturdy, traditional-styled candle holders for larger candles. You could also add floating votives to a bowl of water to create a warm glow when you are entertaining guests. Sometimes people like a mix of modern or high-tech and traditional accessories, so try to keep a flow and not disrupt decor. Add a touch of class to proceedings by adding a TV screen into the cubby hole, and consider towel warmers instead of towel racks just for that added difference in the bathroom.